Orginal Blend Smoke Cleansing Wand
  • Orginal Blend Smoke Cleansing Wand

    Smoke cleansing wand ethically sourced and crafted in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We use local cedar from various forests in the Seattle area, as well as flowers and herbs from our friend’s gardens. The Original Blend is our first combination created in winter of 2017 and includes cedar: purification and cleansing; 
    lavender: calming, cleansing the divine; 
    green sage (from our friend’s garden) clearing negative energy and vibes. Each is wrapped with the intention of peace, clarity and calmness for those that use them. 
    We pay a monthly rent to the Duwamish Tribe (the first people of Seattle) for use of their cedar, and doing business in the city of Seattle. Thank you for choosing our Wands.
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