The Tale of Two Haka's

ArtbyHaka has been a dark craft making machine since the birth of their creepy little doll Eleanor in 2013. What started off as a casual hobby soon blossomed into a business once LadyHaka took over as Axe's road manager. They soon began appearing regularly at craft shows and conventions alike. While living in California, hitting the road to sell their version of creepy became a way of life for them, and in 2016 the road took them all the way up to the Emerald City! It's been here in Seattle where ArtbyHaka has grown in leaps and bounds. They still hit the road on occasion to peddle their dark art, but they now also have their work displayed in local stores and galleries. 

Just as the way they conduct business has been ever changing, so to has the work that they have been producing. In the beginning, the dolls Axe made were crude in both nature and technique. However, after years of experimenting  with different materials and subject matter Axe has finally started to hone his craft.  LadyHaka herself has also joined in on craft making fun by starting her own line of witchy themed items too!


Along with their passion for creating nightmares, the Haka's also like to support their other favorite cause which is helping out others, especially animals. It's not uncommon to see them vending at a Vegan convention just as they would a Horror one. Their commitment to the ethical treatment of animals is why they are constantly donating to their favorite animal sanctuaries and nonprofits. Who knew creepy dolls could help out animals! They also use ecofriendly and Vegan materials in order to create their art. 

The Haka's would like to personally thank you for your interest and continued support. They currently creep people out in Seattle, WA.